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Schysma - Schysma (cd)

Schysma - Schysma (cd)

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Jewelcase cd

‘SCHYSMA is the creation of keyboardist Martina Bellini in late 2012. On 29 September 2012 Imperfect Dichotomy, first EP, was released. On October 2012 Schysma signed for French label optiasso for promotion and release all over Europe. In late 2012 the band started an Italian mini tour to promote the EP. In early 2013 Sinners, Supreme Solution and a new song of next full lenght are included in the soundtrack of series "Puzzle" : it is broadcasted on LA3 TV on Sky, pay per view Tv. On April 2013 "Lost in the maze" Video Clip was out. On May 2013 Martina Bellini signed her endorser deal with CME pro, for CME UF50 classic master keyboard and with KORG, for X50. "Imperfect Dichotomy" EP was broadcasted on radio, expecially in South America and Mexico. In December 2013 Luca Solina became Istanbul Xist Cymbals endorser. From October 2013 the band was in studio to record the first full length "Idiosyncrasy" and played in Czech Republic. In july 2014 the band signed with Revalve Records for the release of "Idiosyncrasy" and Schysma released the first single and video clip "Time man". In August 2015 "Idiosyncrasy" was released in Japanese version and in October 2015 the band presented the full length in a 7 days Uk tour. In 2016 Eliana Sanna joined the band as new main vocals. In 2018 Fabrizio Gaffuri entered the band as new bass player, adding nu-metal influences. The band started working on the new album, Schysma, which has a different and more biting sound, shorter and catchier songs, with more electronic elements. The album was completed in 2020.

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