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Ye Banished Privateers present new Holiday Single & Lyric Video

Swedish sea dogs YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS return with their unique spin on a classic Christmas chant! With “Deck And Hull”, the collective releases their second holiday single off of their upcoming EP, Drawn And Quartered, along with an animated lyric music video.

YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS are already well known for their singalong hymns and unmistakably folksy tunes, and now explore the less-traveled waters of yuletide tuneage! With a stiff sea breeze, a wink of the eye and a dose of bloody, dark humor, the pirates prepare for the freezing cold of winter with a few more aces up their sleeves – so stay tuned!

YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS on their new single “Deck And Hull”:

“With our song ‘Deck And Hull’, we wanted to really take a swing at the classic candy-coated, happy harmony singing, door-to-door carolers that are so frequent in every American feelgood Christmas movie. We imagine this song being the soundtrack to a bunch of drunken pirates breaking down your door, wrecking your home, stealing all your possessions and pissing in your eggnog. Actually, that's probably what's going to happen to you if you don’t buy the vinyl... So, merry bloody Christmas, haha!”

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