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Wyrmwoods releases new single 'Year of Dearth'

Finnish Avant-garde metal band Wyrmwoods released a new single Year of Dearth. The track is taken from the band's upcoming fourth album No Sun Nor Moon which is set to be released on November 4th 2022 by Inverse Records. The band's sole member Nuurag-Vaarn comments: "Wyrmwoods' fourth album No Sun Nor Moon is a continuation of the last album's progressive avant-garde metal in a more focused and polished package of nine tracks. There are plenty of the familiar ambient and progressive rock influences heard on the album, which can be heard for example with some mixed meter time signatures and more use of the saxophone in the tracks. There's still plenty of room for more straight-forward and intense Black Metal parts on the album as well. The production is cleaner and less chaotic when comparing to the previous releases. There are also more Death Metal influences heard this time, most so on the single release Year of Dearth, for example the vocals are now primarily low growls."

Listen to Year of Dearth single :

Biography: Wyrmwoods is a single man project from Oulu, northern Finland. Started in 2014 by a mysterious figure known as Nuurag-Vaarn. Since the first album released in 2017 Wyrmwoods has experimented with Black Metal mixed with various uncommon influences, like Ambient, Progressive Rock and Jazz, the last of which is highlighted by saxophone featured in many songs. The result is an atmospheric and still intense avant-garde metal with a lot of variation of styles and sounds.

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