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WITCHKISS Announce Crushing Remix Album And Share Brand New Video Clip

Even the darkest times of a world’s lockdown won’t stop bands and artists around the globe to stay restless, creative, and inventive. And so does Hudson Valley, NY trio WITCHKISS, who has just announced the release of a crushing, electronic version of their highly acclaimed, 2018- debut album!

With countless tours under their belts, including support shows for the UK's mighty Conan and appearances at such festivals like Maryland Doom Fest, Indianapolis Doomed & Stoned, New England Stoner and Doom Fest or Descendants of Crom, WITCHKISS have quickly become an important part of a growing movement in the world of crushingly loud and punishing music. The metal scene is buzzing about these rising heavyweights just as much as the bands admirers in publications like Decibel, Metal Injection or The Obelisk, to name just a few. Building on the interplay between eerie female vocals and crushing growls, the groove driven WITCHKISS can't help but to fascinate. Their articulate, elegant and ridiculously fucking heavy tunes are build around raw emotion, sonic poetry and a sense of longing for something greater, there is a haunting majesty to the band's work. Fusing the sounds of bands like Subrosa, Yob and Neurosis create dark sounds of the soul, and soon WITCHKISS will unleash a fresh take on this melancholic music.

As they are gearing up to release six enthralling electronic versions of the songs on their debut album, The Austere Curtains Of Our Eyes, retitled, It’s Curtains For Us All! The album will come out via Argonauta Records digitally on April 2nd, 2021. This re-imagining of their titanic debut comes in partnership with an anonymous producer known only as “Bleakest.” It’s a fresh look into the deep layers of the bands sound. But give ear, as WITCHKISS has just unleashed a music video for the song Spirits Of The Dirt (Bleakest Mix)! Join the band on this punishing aural assault, like you have never heard them before – and check out the clip right here:

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