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Where's My Bible released a second single and music video Chapter II: Void

Finnish Heinola-based metal band Where's My Bible released a second single and another stunning music video. The single is named Chapter II: Void and it is taken from the upcoming EP Circle which is set to be released on May 13th 2022 via Inverse Records. There will be four tracks on EP and music video is done for each song. Watch Chapter II: Void music video:

Singer Jussi Matilainen comments: "Void a.k.a Autumn Story continues. We dive deeper into the human mind. A beautiful video but inside it will be a stormy dark path. (The video will be beautiful but the visuals/mood/context/story/etc. will be a stormy dark path) This part of the story is about the feeling when you are deep in your depression and every step will be heavier than the other. How will you survive? If you even have any reason to, or how that feeling leads you to an even darker place where there's nothing left anymore. And how it's all real for you. Even the people near you can't see your personal apocalypse and what's inside you. What comes to the song, I really love it. 'Cause it's more melodic and melancholic than anything else in wmb:s history. Beautiful piece of art." Guitarist Pasi Löfgrén continues: "With this song we wanted to do something slower, more melodic and beautiful but also big and heavy to support the lyrics. I like this song very much and I can't wait to get to play it live even though it brings new challenges for myself because here I jumped to take more care of clean singing along with guitar."

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