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VICTOR SMOLSKI Releases Music Video For New Single "Unity"

February 3, 2023 will see former Rage member, guitar virtuoso Victor Smolski, release his new album, entitled Guitar Force, via Massacre Records.

Guitar Force includes the best guitar work Smolski has ever done, since it showcases his different styles of playing in such a versatility. Victor considers the record as a kind of best-of album where he presents many song ideas from Rage, Almanac and Johann Sebastian Bach in new visions and shape. It's powerful yet aggressive and dynamic, from a hi-gain, crunchy fusion sound to nylon acoustic or the sitar, you find all guitar influences on his upcoming record. Razor-sharp melodies alternate with high-speed technical arrangements, along featuring several high-class guest musicians, making this album truly special. Following the previously-released, first song "Self-Blinded Eyes", today, Victor Smolski shared a music video for the new single "Unity"! Watch the clip here:

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