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US Symphonic Black Metal/Melodic Death Metal Project Exist in Ruin Signs With Wormholedeath

We are happy to announce that symphonic black metal/melodic death metal project EXIST IN RUIN signed with Wormholedeath a deal for the reissue of the self-titled EP "Exist in Ruin", due for re-release on December 2nd, 2022.

The band speaking of the signing, stated: Hello to all you metal monsters out there! This is Teren, founder of the Symphonic Black/Melodic Death Metal Project, EXIST IN RUIN. Our music is heavily influenced by the dark and powerful heavy hitters of Symphonic black metal, Dimmu Borgir, and titans of Melodic Death Metal, Amon Amarth. Featured artists involved with the project are experienced virtuosos at the top of their game hailing from the bands: Pyramaze, Enblood, Nephilim, Cult Burial, NZGL, Sophicide, and Dahlian. Today I’m so proud to announce that EXIST IN RUIN is joining forces with WORMHOLEDEATH RECORDS to burn our mark onto the world of metal! We’re so happy to be part of the family. We’re all very excited to deliver this powerful, epic, and unique EP to you! Thanks for all the support!

Exist in Ruin is a symphonic black metal/melodic death metal project founded by Seattle, WA-based guitarist/songwriter, Teren. Instrumentally, the main influences inspiring the sound of Exist in Ruin are leaders in their genres; Dimmu Borgir (Symphonic Black Metal), and Amon Amarth (Melodic Death Metal.) ​Lyrically, this self-titled Exist in Ruin EP takes the listener on a dark rollercoaster ride through genocide, tyranny, religious persecution, mental illness, malpractice, and the supernatural. Persecution is the overwhelming theme throughout where each song tells a story of a ‘victim’ being persecuted by some entity, malpractice, or inner turmoil. All songs (guitars, bass, and drum programming) are written and performed by Teren, including lyric writing and vocal pattern designs. During the writing process, Teren recruited world-class musicians from around the globe to make his dark musical vision a reality. Featured artists include stunning accompanying symphonic compositions from Jonah Weingarten (Pyramaze, Catalyst Crime, We Are Sentinels, Structure of Inhumanity), world-class Soprano, classical, and metal vocals from Jessy Christ (NZGL, Syndro-syS), brutal vocals from César Moreira (Enblood, Cult Burial, and Nephilim), virtuoso guitar solos from João Miguel (Enblood, Nephilim, Stonesun, Adamantine), and additional guitar solo shredding from top-notch session guitarist Konstantin Raydovski. Sebastian Bracht, guitarist and vocalist (Sophicide, Dahlian) also provides a capella metal choir vocals that make the music soar to a whole new emotional level. ​Exist in Ruin will continue to evolve musically and lyrically, and continue to recruit world-class talent that is best for the sound of the project’s future releases.

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