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Upon Shadows released a new single "Light and Shadows"

Female Dark Metal band Upon Shadows premiere a new track and video called "Light and Shadows" to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The song combines the raw sound of guitars, bass and fierce vocals with the poetry of the lyrics and the extremely dark atmosphere, emphasized by the keyboards. This single will not be part of the new Upon Shadows album, which is in the process of being recorded and will be released next year.

As a curious fact, it should be said that the releases of Upon Shadows are always on the same date, and this is because October 18 is the birthday of Tamara Picardo, leader of the band.

"Light and Shadows" was recorded mostly in Oulu, Finland and the bass in Montevideo, Uruguay. Mixed and mastered by Mika Pohjola at Soundmix recording studio, Oulu, Finland in 2022, and is available on music platforms starting today.

Watch the official video here:

Line-up: Natalia Arocena – bass Tamara Picardo – guitar, keyboards, drums & vocals.

“For this single, we wanted to go for a more raw sound, this decision is based on the concept within "Light and Shadows". It is a song that somehow evokes the spirit of our first albums and at the same time unites it with who we are now. In a way it is "proof" that we are still the same dreamy rebels, that 20 years ago got together to make dark music, and our flame is still furiously alive. There are no political or philosophical references in this song... I wanted this song to be a bit of fresh air, among so many bad news and constant tragedies. Among so many people trying to convince another of something. This is poetry and extreme metal with all our passion and our blood”.

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