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Turborock band Grillijono K.O. released a new single

Finnish turborock band Grillijono K.O. released a first single and music video from their upcoming debut album which is released later this year by Secret Entertainment.

Mä oon sun koira single takes the band's sound even heavier direction with its Slayer nuances. The lyrics deals with unbalanced relationship in a twisted tone which is familiar to the band. "Sometimes relationship is like two parties, a dog and an owner. A dog tries to please it's owner even at the risk of having to stifle his/her own identity. The end result is not always beautiful to look at," says singer-guitarist Lobo-Tommi. A video was also shot for the song, which was influenced not only by the lyrics of the song, but also by old horror and comedy movies.

"The music video was inspired by Monty Python's Holy Grail, among other things. We packed the beers and acoustic guitars and went to the cottage to¨shoot B-class horror video. The video was made with the idea of "the dumb the better". We think we did a hell of a job! ", Lobo-Tommi continues.

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