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Timo Tolkki's Infinite Visions - Drum playthrough videos

INFINITE VISIONS drummer Pawel "Pavulon" Jaroszewicz (ex-Hate/Vader) has recorded playthrough videos for the 5 songs on the upcoming Infinite Visions demo, which will be finalized this month. The tracks include "Sonata Black", "Infinite Visions", "You Rock My World", "Dangerous", and "Voice Of Tomorrow". The full drum playthrough videos (with the final versions of the songs) will be released periodically starting at the end of August. Here is a 30-second preview from "Sonata Black", with the backing guitar track NOT the final, finished version:

Infinite Visions is the new band formed by ex-Stratovarius guitarist/songwriter Timo Tolkki (guitars), and includes in its lineup ex-Stratovarius bandmate Jari Kainulainen on bass, and keyboardist Jimmy Pitts (Eternity's End/NorthTale).

Their upcoming debut album, "Union Magnetica" will be produced and mixed by Timo Tolkki, whose producer credits include the Stratovarius classics Episode, Visions, Destiny and Elements Pts.1& 2. Additionally, he has produced/mixed albums by Vision Divine, The 69 Eyes, Allen/Lande, Amorphis, Ring Of Fire, Avalon, Symfonia, and Revolution Renaissance, among many others. Timo is currently available to work on select projects as a producer and/or mixer and can be contacted via email at

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