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The Uneven - Flight Out of The Hollow

The Uneven’s debut album, “Flight Out of The Hollow” features Andrew Hooker (lead vocals and guitar), Michael Meadows (bass guitar), and Simona Bressi (drums). "Flight Out of The Hollow" will be independently released by The Uneven on October 6, 2023. The band's debut is a 52-minute body of work that reveals the inner despair between oneself and how one relates to others. It’s a story of inner conflict, finding the will to overcome what seems impossible, and the search for truth, while never losing hope. We are all uniquely trying to climb our way out of something, but what matters most is that we never stop climbing. “Flight Out of The Hollow” features 10 songs that scream from the deepest pits of anger and despair, but also beg and cry for a better tomorrow. Fuzzed out gritty guitars and brooding-soulful vocals collide with a thunderous and visceral rhythm section that delivers equal amounts of swagger and angst. The Uneven has managed to forge an album that recalls the proto-metal days of the 70s, and the heavier days of 90s Seattle rock giants, but continues to look forward in today’s modern rock landscape.

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