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The Fixer "Your Lie" new album!

“Your Lie” feels like a snapshot of our growth. It maintains the experimental, dark, and rhythmic-focused style that we've established in previous releases while introducing a noticeable refinement and confidence in the songwriting. You can still find the danceable, heavy rock grooves that define our “Dark.Sexy.Loud.” aesthetic while we explore and showcase each member's technical prowess, blending everything from frantic, unsettling sounds to earworm pop-like hooks. Our lyrics cover a wide range of subjects, bouncing between upbeat hard rock party themes and moody self-reflective dirges. But, escapism and self-deception in favor of psychological survival is the prevailing theme across the album. “Your Lie” is a reference to the illusion we all create to make this existence liveable. Melladonna and Vic dug deep to be thoughtful and genuine when writing tracks for this album and we strongly believe these songs will resonate with a lot of people. People that may be on the outside of what is considered "normal". People who seek out that musical connection to something a little deeper.

Something a little Dark. Sexy...and Loud. Welcome to our dark side of fun. We are pleased to meet you.

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