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Terradown 14/10/2023

Emotion tempered by diligence.

Passion through performance. Each note carries a story of its own.

Captivating the audience on stage, their undeniable chemistry is one of the driving forces behind the melodic metal band TerraDown. Blurring the boundaries of different genres with a passion for pushing their own, every step taken is a move toward growth and development.

With love for harmony, experimental technicality and a touch of theatrics, TerraDown consists of five members from the Netherlands. Their journey began in 2016, with their crowning achievement being their performance at Wacken Open Air in 2019. This was closely followed by the release of the bands’ first album Judgement in 2020.

Now, in 2023, TerraDown stages their revival with the release of the EP and video clip: 'Checkmate.' This release tells a personal tale of losing control, conquering physical and mental illness.

Join us as we delve deeper into the journey of TerraDown.

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