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Swedish Metal Phenomenon ALL WASTED Drops "Bad Sign"

Formed in 2020, the band quickly gained a following with their fresh and different approach to metal. Their debut album "Burn with Me" was released in 2021 on the Italian-based label WormHoleDeath, and received critical acclaim for its catchy and energetic songs.

With the pandemic now fading, All Wasted is ready to rise from the ashes and take their music to new heights. The band promises to deliver the same kick-in-the-face Death ´n´ Roll that fans have come to love, with a new and heavier sound that will leave them wanting more.

All Wasted is comprised of Patzy on vocals, Eric and Emil on guitars, Hcan on drums, and Jimmy on bass.

The band's Facebook page and Soundcloud offer fans a chance to connect and keep up to date with their latest releases and news.

All Wasted's journey goes on, so stay tuned for more great music to come.

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