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SUBWAY TO SALLY Sets Sail with Second Single “Leinen los”

German folk rock icons SUBWAY TO SALLY inspire hope with 14th studio album Himmelfahrt

After almost four long years, SUBWAY TO SALLY returns with their 14th studio album, Himmelfahrt (eng. Ascension), out on March 24, 2023 via Napalm Records. In contrast to their last album HEY!, the German folk rock outfit now presents a turning point in the discography of the band: the musicians give the darkest abysses of the human soul a spotlight. For the first time in over three decades, SUBWAY TO SALLY celebrates hope!

True to the motto "never back, always ahead" from new single "Leinen Los" [eng: leash loose], German Folk Rock legends SUBWAY TO SALLY deliver a musical work of the highest quality. The new single starts off as an energetic rock stomper, before unfolding in full glory when bagpipes come in. With strong, determined vocals, singer Eric Fish embodies the atmosphere of departure and leads the band to a new adventure, perfectly illustrated in their animated official music video. SUBWAY TO SALLY on “Leinen los”: “To us, “Leinen los” is a very important song on the new album Himmelfahrt and the lyrics are representative for the album. Even after thirty years of band history we experience new things. Getting back up after the forced pandemic break felt like a new start for us. So we weigh the anchors, set sails and sail full speed ahead into a new chapter of our band history. Leash Loose!”

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