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SUBWAY TO SALLY Release Third Single & Official Music Video “Ihr kriegt uns nie”

German folk rock icons SUBWAY TO SALLY inspire hope with 14th studio album Himmelfahrt

With their 14th studio album Himmelfahrt, SUBWAY TO SALLY present a new beginning and departure. The German folk rock pioneers unveil their new album on March 24th, 2023 via Napalm Records, celebrating hope and life together with their fans!

The third single from the new album, "Ihr kriegt uns nie" (You'll never get us) underlines the album's upbeat mood and convinces with captivating violin parts and gripping riffs. Eric Fish's haunting voice calls for freedom, while the atmospheric music video perfectly underscores the song. Just like in the music video, the band defies all obstacles they have faced during the journey of life as they stand strong together to continue persevering onwards.

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