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St. Madness - Hunting Humans

ST. MADNESS, formerly known as Crown of Thorns, has a unique history that started in 1993. The band changed its name to ST. MADNESS in September 1997, after finding out that a Christian rock group from New Jersey had already trademarked the name. Based out of Tempe, Arizona, ST. MADNESS has played alongside some of the biggest names in heavy metal, including Van Halen, Monster Magnet, and Gwar. The band has also performed at the 12th and 13th Milwaukee Metalfests. In 2013, ST. MADNESS received the Los Angeles Music Award for Producer's Choice Award for Metal Album of the Year for their album CARNIMETAL. The following year, they were the only metal band featured in the TEMPE HISTORY MUSEUM'S exhibit called, THE TEMPE SOUND. With their impressive track record and unique style, ST. MADNESS is a must-see for all heavy metal fans.

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