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SNAIL Releases New Teaser From Upcoming Album!

Heavy psych overlords SNAIL have announced the release of a brand new album – the band’s first record in six long years – due out on April 30, 2021 through Italy’s powerhouse label Argonauta Records!

Fractal Altar picks up where the last LP Feral left off — heavy, fuzzy melodic tunes with floating harmonies and lyrics that explore both inner and outer space. But this time, the band comes recharged and rejuvenated, enthusiastically triumphing over their dark side and reveling in their power trio roots. Six years in gestation, recording for Fractal Altar led all three original members Marty Dodson (drums), Mark Johnson (lead vocals and guitar) and Matt Lynch (bass and vocals) to convene their brotherhood in Inglewood to record at All Welcome Records. Since the members are spread out all over the West Coast ranging from Seattle to Los Angeles and San Diego, the proceedings took on the air of an astrological event. SNAIL in the studio is a celebration of both sonics and friendship, and after 30 years of playing together, it didn’t take long to lock in and feel the synergy ignite.

The advanced single Nothing Left for You back in May 2020 gave a first sneak peak of the fruits of SNAIL’s labors, showcasing faster driving rhythms and Stooges-style leads. Dropping the needle on the LP’s opening track Mission from God, the listener gets a nod to the Blues Brothers, while the song turns the line on its head with a hard rocking tune about going “far out” to bring back the psych knowledge for the less experienced masses. After ranging from poppy jangle to fuzzy singalongs and Camaro rocking proto-metal, the record closes with the title song, Fractal Altar, a nine minute sludge behemoth that will leave listeners renewed and satisfied that they sat down to commune with the elders.

Today, the trio has released a new and promising teaser for the crushing album opener Mission from God! Watch the trailer right here:

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