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SLOWBURN Releases "The Beast" Video from New Album "Fire Starter"

Spanish Heavy Metal connoisseurs SLOWBURN have unleashed "The Beast," the third single from their sophomore album "Fire Starter," via an electrifying video.

Originating from Madrid, SLOWBURN was formed in 2015 by Jorge Serrano of RANCOR. The band, after a string of demos and live performances, became a quintet featuring prominent musicians from the Madrid Heavy Metal scene. Known for their classic Heavy Metal style infused with prog and '70s elements, as well as '80s Hard Rock, SLOWBURN cites influences like Armored Saint and Queensryche, weaving complex guitar riffs with groovy rhythms and catchy vocal melodies.

"Fire Starter," the latest offering following their debut album "Rock and Roll Rats," marks a leap in the band's production quality, delivering a more professional sound. Released on October 17th, 2023, the album is available through Fighter Records in both CD and Digital formats.

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