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Slovak post-black metal band BESNA has released the audiovisual single "NEHA"

Slovak post-black metal band Besna has released the audiovisual single "Neha" in memory of Juraj Vankulič and Matúš Horváth who were murdered out of hatred by a young, local, far-right terrorist on the 12th of October 2022 in front of an LGBTI+ friendly bar Tepláreň in Bratislava, Slovakia. The perpetrator was found dead the morning after the attack and left a manifesto with extremist far-right anti-semitic, homophobic and transphobic views.

The single was released digitally via the band’s Bandcamp. Half of the proceeds will benefit Iniciatíva Inakosť, an organization that helps and supports LGBTI+ people in Slovakia:

The song features an animated video using the stop motion technique created by Tomáš Paulen and Veronika Štirblová. The music video is available on the Youtube channel of the Antifascist Black Metal Network. The release is also promoted by two allied, foreign labels Fiadh Productions and Vita Detestabilis Records.

The release is a part of the Slovenská Tepláreň, a joined movement of artists, venues and other subjects in response to the above-mentioned hate crime. The movement shares common goals: We want to express our solidarity with the families and loved ones of Matúš and Juraj, who were murdered out of hatred in the Tepláreň bar in Bratislava.

"We want to express our respect and honor those who made Tepláreň an open place for free people to meet. We want to show support for LGBTI+ people. We want Slovakia to be a country where everyone can feel safe and where belonging to any minority is accepted with respect as a natural part of society. We want to change the legislation so that it ensures a full-fledged life for all people in Slovakia, including the LGBTI+ minority."

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