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SHOCKER released second single and music video “Fractured visions of the mind” of the upcoming album

SHOCKER is an innovative and dynamic band known for their ability to craft melodies that transcend genres and touch the depths of musical emotion. With a rich individual background in bands as After All, Anesthesy, Artrach, Gae Bolga, SHOCKER has consistently pushed the boundaries of their craft, captivating audiences with their unique soundscapes and energetic live performances.

The track showcases the artist's distinctive style while hinting at the depth and diversity that the forthcoming album holds.”Fractured visions of the mind" encapsulates a profound exploration of themes and styles that are both timeless and contemporary.

The release of the second single and music video is slated for 01/09/2023, The full album release is scheduled for 06/10/2023. Stay tuned as we count down the days to the release of “Fractured visions of the mind" and the subsequent album launch.

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