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Shamanic Dark Folk Act NYTT LAND Unleashes Music Video for Haunting New Single "Huginn ok Muninn"!

October 6, 2023 sees Siberian dark folk duo, NYTT LAND - led by shamanic couple Natasha “Baba Yaga” and Anatoly Pakhalenko - release their ninth album epos, entitled Torem, via Napalm Records. Formed in 2013, NYTT LAND is one of the most captivating and haunting acts the dark folk music scene has to offer, and is highly recommended for fans of HEILUNG, WARDRUNA and RUNAHILD.

Torem invites listeners into a mystic world of ancient percussive instrumentation and mesmerizing vocal spheres. The album, sung in old languages Khanty (Siberian Native Tribe) and Old Norse (Old Icelandic), will take you on a sonic experience and journey of the band's new trilogy, dedicated to the three worlds in the cosmology of their land. NYTT LAND's unique sound has always been inspired by the sound of Siberian nature - their musical roots are deeply connected with mythology, historic themes and ancient shamanic culture.

Following their previously-released first single "Nord", today, the extraordinary duo lends the ravens a voice and premieres a new music video for the track "Huginn ok Muninn"!

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