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SERENITY Releases Third Single "Souls and Sins”

Sensational symphonic metal outfit SERENITY have released a new live performance video for their catchy track “Souls and Sins”! The third single off of the recent live release, MEMORIA, was originally released on SERENITY’s latest chart-breaking studio album, The Last Knight (2020), and this time features two exciting guest appearances. The incredible Sascha Paeth, producer of Avantasia, supports the quartet on guitar, while talented Visions of Atlantis vocalist Michele Guaitoli lends his magical voice on the track, bringing fresh energy to SERENITY‘s distinctive dreamlike soundscape.

SERENITY on ”Souls and Sins”:

“This song is taken from our previous album, ‘The Last Knight’, that we released three years ago, and was inspired by the life of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I. We feel honored to welcome well-known guests like Michele Guaitoli and Sascha Paeth for the performance of this song about the good and evil in our souls by reflecting the consequences of every action we take.“

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