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Rat Boogie released a first single and music video from the upcoming debut album

Hailing from Oulu, northern Finland, Rat Boogie is a trio that tastefully melts different influences into a tightly rocking, original package. In the core there is always the organic live playing that gives the flowing melodies a solid backbone. With an amply aggressive but breathing sound, Rat Boogie adventures inside the rock'n roll nucleus, celebrating all the good things that can be achieved with guitars, bass and drums. Rat Boogie is set to release their debut album 'Bad Gravity' on August 14th 2020 by Secret Entertainment. The first single and music video 'Wonderboy' is released today and music video for the track is available here:

The band comments:

"Wonderboy, the first single from Rat Boogie's upcoming album Bad Gravity, is a song of encouragement and respect to the unsung heroes who stubbornly keep on playing the bar gigs and arranging jam sessions no matter what, to those self-taught masters who do a good job in keeping spirits high in their local community and providing different perspectives on life through music. Keep your smile on wonderboy!"

With long musical experience in Finnish bands such as EBPSATRFM, The Blaster Master and Laid Back Townies, Rat Boogie makes memorable melodies, while rocking tightly in the trio format. The song themes range from overly talkative people to the unsung heroes of grassroots-level music culture and from zen-like, poignant statements to someone called David Bow.

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