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Rascal releases debut album Lost Beyond Reason

The debut full-length album "Lost Beyond Reason" by Warsaw's speed metal band. Formed in 2019, this group brings a fresh take on speed metal by incorporating elements from technical thrash, heavy metal, and even hints of extreme metal. Their music is characterized by its lively and melodic nature, accompanied by proficient guitar solos that showcase their exceptional musicianship. Despite the energetic and fast-paced music, the lyrics take a darker turn, evoking a sense of despair akin to death/doom bands. The high-pitched vocals further enhance the emotional intensity of their songs. After making their debut with the EP "Headed Towards Destruction" in 2021, the band has continued to captivate audiences and has now released their highly anticipated debut album. "Lost Beyond Reason" is a testament to their skill and creativity, showcasing their dedication to the oldschool metal sound while offering a variety of captivating tracks. The album is now available on Ossuary Records, and we invite all metal enthusiasts to experience the raw power and intensity that Warsaw's speed metal band has to offer.

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