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Ramses 30/09/2023

Ramses was formed in July 1990 by guitarist Stefaan Lambrecht, formerly known as the man behind the metal band Axel.

With bass player Marc Van Den Bremt (ex- Albion) and drummer Jochen De Craene he collected his first rhythm section. Later lead guitarist Hans De Bruck (ex-wireless) and lead singer Marc De Meuter (ex-Hands Of Mercy) joined the band.

In January 1991 Ramses recorded their first demo with 3 songs at Joe's Garage in the Netherlands and later that year appears the song "under the shield" on the LP "Rock in Flanders" at Tessa Records, a small independent record company.

In 1992, the lead singer was replaced by Kurt Verschelden (ex-Hellfire) so Ramses could sail a more melodic direction. January 1993 the band signed a record deal with Pinball Records from Antwerp (Belgium) and recorded 11 melodic metal songs, produced by Peter De Wint (ex-Crossfire, ex -Ostrogoth and Mystery). The album called “Faith in Rebirth” and was released in October 1993.

To support the album the record company decided also to release a video clip “Hard Times” to present on the press conference and live concert in October in Aalst (Belgium) the hometown of Ramses. This concert will also include a live video that appears with Eye-Line Productions from Antwerp (Belgium).

In 1994 there was a change in the line-up and Eddy Scheire (keyboards), Bruno Neyrinck (bass guitar) and Steven Verstadt (drums) strengthen the band. Ramses played a lot of gigs at festivals and clubs in Belgium and The Netherlands and early 1997 they recorded 4 new songs. Due to illness and ongoing problems with the voice of the singer these songs were sung by Marc De Veirman.

In December there was the split of the band and unfortunately the mini-cd “Secrets” stayed unreleased!

The seed for a reunion was planted when “Lost Realm Records” released the first album + the 4 tracks from the mini-cd on the “The Secrets Of Faith In Rebirth” reissue-cd in 2016 and a new interest for Ramses was born. Still it lasted until 2019 before Ramses 2.0 was born, original guitarplayer Stefaan Lambrecht and the singer from the “Faith In Rebirth” cd Kurt Verschelden and together with keyboardplayer Eddy Scheire (ex Battering Ram/ex Cult of Scarecrow) they reunited and soon a new line-up was formed.

Guitarplayer Frank Deroubaix (ex-Axel / ex-Runaway), bassplayer Michel Hautier (ex-Hands Of Mercy) and drummer Kris Poelman joined the band.

Rehearsels are going real well and new songs are being written in the “Melodic Hard Rock” style.

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