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Post-Apocalyptic Metal Prophets WASTELAND CLAN Unleash"The End Of Time" Music Video

Suited in the garments of the last days, it is finally time for demoness Lilith Fox, Mashl J. (a.k.a. the Messiah), and their three prophets Rayzon, Zach Volcanic and Smoky 616 to heed their destiny, to carry out salvation to the world and to raise their numbers! The End Of Time, the band’s debut album, will be upon us on April 21, 2023 via Massacre Records.

All that is left after the apocalypse is combined on record: Hate and fear but also hope, brutal as well as earthshaking drums and enchanting choirs, stories of death as well as guidance for the lost and unbelieving. "The 10 new songs are each assigned to one of the "New 10 Commandments" of the WASTELAND CLAN", the band explains, and which starts with the album opening and title track 'The End Of Time': "Thou shan't look, but see."

"The End Of Time" creates an image of the apocalypse, of annihilation and destruction", the clan reveals. "It is a reminder, a warning. It takes a look back at our deeds and asks whether we have learned. Whether we are just standing idly by, or whether we realize the magnitude of what we have done. For therein lies hope. At the end of all time is great suffering, but also light. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust."

The End Of Time was produced by WASTELAND CLAN, and was mixed and mastered by Oliver Schmidt at Sirius Sound Lab. Available as CD Digipak, limited Vinyl LP and Digital formats on April 21, 2023, the pre-sale has just started at THIS LOCATION! The album artwork was created through the visionary mind of vocalist Lilith Fox.

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