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PATRIARCHS IN BLACK releases "Friends"

In the summer of 2022, Patriarchs in Black made their debut with "Reach for the Scars". With former Type O Negative drummer Johnny Kelly and former Hades/Non-Fiction guitarist Dan Lorenzo, the album included contributions from multiple guest vocalists and bassists. They are currently working on their next release, which will feature original songs, but recently recorded a unique take on the rarely covered Led Zeppelin song "Friends," featuring special guest vocalist Militia Vox.

Johnny Kelly commented, "Militia crushed 'Friends!' She was the first person who came to mind when Dan and I were discussing vocalists, and I'm glad we were able to get her for it!" Dan Lorenzo added, "I've always thought 'Friends' was one of the most evil sounding songs by Led Zeppelin, even before I became a huge fan. I was blown away by Militia's voice when I saw her perform with her band Judas Priestess a few years ago, so I knew she was the perfect fit for this project."

Militia Vox shared, "I love doing features on songs because it gives me the freedom to collaborate with artists I admire and experiment with different vocal styles. I've known Johnny Kelly and Dan Lorenzo for years, so this collaboration is very special to me. My father raised me on Led Zeppelin, so it was long overdue to record something from their extensive catalog. I think we did the song justice while putting our own spin on it."

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