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Parody Metallers NANOWAR OF STEEL Reveal New Song + Hilarious Video “Gabonzo Robot”

With their recent comeback to metal after temporarily transforming into a pop boyband, NANOWAR OF STEEL are back with their beloved brand of comedy infused heavy metal, taking their fans on a journey through the roots of their beautiful homeland of Italy on their new album, Italian Folk Metal, out July 2 via Napalm Records! NANOWAR OF STEEL have proven themselves to be on the frontlines of comedic heavy metal, gathering millions of cross-platform views and streams and releasing legendarily hilarious music videos! The new single “Gabonzo Robot” is a joyful power metal anthem dedicated to Gabonzo, the popular Japanese cartoon series. A catchy chorus and razorsharp guitar solos display NANOWAR OF STEEL’s sense of humor and immaculate musical talent in top form! The music video was made by Dr. Pira, who also conceived GABONZO ROBOT as one of the characters of his surreal comic collection "I fumetti della gleba". Along with the song, Dr. Pira has released a limited edition comic book entitled "Gabonzo l’invincible Robot"!

Watch the Music Video for “Gabonzo Robot”HERE:

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