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ODD CREW Releases Video for Third Single "Farewell"

After signing to Drakkar Entertainment and announcing the release date of their new studio album Dark Matters (Part I), Bulgarians ODD CREW are now sharing the latest taste of the record. The band drops the new track "Farewell" alongside a black and white emotionally shattering video that will have viewers questioning just what to feel.

Watch ODD CREW‘s new "Farewell" Video " HERE:

“Farewell” is the third single taken of Dark Matters (Part I), which was recorded in ODD CREW’s own “ButcherHouse” Studio in Sofia and produced and mixed by the band themselves. Guitarist Vasil Parvanovski comments: “We wanted to make a massive and interesting album that includes both lighter catchy vocal parts and emotionally heavier instrumental parts as well. An album that tells many stories. “Farewell” is a song that can make you think about how fast time passes and that we don’t have enough time to enjoy everything around us. Тhe video shows how fast we go through life until we reach the very last station of it when it’s time to say “goodbye”. ODD CREW new album, Dark Matters (Part I), will be out on May 27, PREORDER HERE!

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