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October Rust (Type O Negative tribute) 07/10/2023

OCTOBER RUST, not your least worst Type O Negative tribute band. Although it takes two of us to perform Peter Steele's act, our goal is to immerse you in the Drab Four sound and live experience. After all, the man who didn't want to be himself wàs larger than life... We 'll take you back to the early 90s by performing hits like Black No1 and Christian Woman. But also later material from the albums October Rust, World Coming Down and Life is Killing Me such as Love You to Death and Everything Dies will be in our setlist. And of course we won't forget how Brooklyn's finest contributed to The Origin of Feces: Slow, Deep and Hard. It has been an interesting journey so far, digging into the music and minds of Peter, Kenny, Josh and Johnny/Sal. Naturally, it's been a true pleasure to perform their songs during rehearsals and even more so it will be to perform them live, for you. Or as Peter utters at the end of the October Rust album: "We hope we didn't disappoint you. We will see you on tour. Until then."

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