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Occult Doom Metal Collective SATYRUS Reveals New Album

Rites coming on May 28th through Argonauta Records!

Sicily occult doom metal heavy weights, SATYRUS, who just recently signed a worldwide record deal with Argonauta Records, have revealed more album details about their first full-length album!

The four-piece self-released their debut Rites in March 2020, when they quickly gained the attention by several labels and heavy doom metal fans around the globe. Now, Argonauta Records is going to release the album as CD and Digital formats on May 28, 2021, and added a new track to their label channel.

Featuring members of bands alike Malauriu or Wolvesguard, SATYRUS invites its listener on a slow and dark ride into the abyss of doom heaviness. The band members‘ backgrounds allow them to create a wider field in between the doom, black metal, psych and progressive sounds to classic and occult metal.

Give ear, and listen to the heavy doom juggernaut, Stigma, taken from SATYRUSRites, here:

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