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Nominon goes extremely old-school on new release

When it comes to old-school death metal, it hardly gets more old-school than Nominon. Formed back in 1993 in the Swedish city of Jönköping, the band has remained active ever since, (apart from the small period of 2015-2018, when they took a small break), carrying the flame of the underground most extreme metal in Sweden. This career granted them five studio albums and countless 7” releases, spawned in 27 years of underground death metal loyalty and extreme music worship...

...And now is time to count those rare & cult 7” EPs. “Yesterdeath” gather, in one release, all those rare and devotion-demanding songs that Nominon put out throughout the years in smaller underground labels and long sold out editions. A dozen tracks that can hardly be found available anywhere else these days, and which show evidence that Nominon are the epitome of old-school death metal, in Sweden and abroad.

“Yesterdeath" will be released in digital, CD and LP by Emanzipation Productions, on December 4th, 2020 and can be pre-ordered here and here.

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