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Seen as one of Denmark’s biggest musical talents in recent years, Nicklas Sonne, best known as the lead singer, songwriter and producer for the progressive metal band DEFECTO, takes his listeners through big symphonic arrangements, equilibristic bombastic choruses, in a grand, yet traditional heavy metal style. Today he presents his third and final single 'Spit Out Your Pride', from his much anticipated upcoming debut solo album 'Resonance' - check out the accompanying music video above.

“My past is still reverberating in my mind. Through depression, low self-esteem, bullying and torn families, I’ve always felt like I was balancing on a thin line over a burning abyss. Always barely clinging on to the desire to exist. This upcoming album takes the listener through a variety of these very moments and feelings I’ve never shared before”, Nicklas explains. "The track 'Spit Out Your Pride' is about when you’ve had enough of everyone’s bullshit, and you just want to bury yourself in the cold ground, if it means to be free from people’s negligence, ignorance, lack of empathy and general bad attitude”, he adds.

Also known to perform with groups such as Malrun, Theory and Hank Sherman, now this talented multi-instrumentalist and producer expresses himself on his own terms. On his new album ‘Resonance’, which will be releasing on November 11th through Prime Collective, we’ll see 10 tracks all written, arranged, produced, and recorded by himself. The project he dreamt of doing for many years, is finally ready!

The new single 'Spit Out Your Pride' is already available on all streaming services.

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