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Never Obey Again releases 'Toxic Feelings' video

Never Obey Again will release the debut album 'The End of an Era' on the 22nd of September through Scarlet Records.

Never Obey Again is a female-fronted 5-piece project from Italy that blends heavy sounds and modern electronic elements to create fascinating sound scenarios.

'The End of an Era' combines dramatic and introspective melodies, heavy precise riffs and layers of electronic landscapes which create the perfect scenario to welcome the powerful voice of charismatic frontwoman Carolina.

The Never Obey Again debut album represents the purest and deepest needing of an artistic expression of 5 experienced musicians who found their own space in this piece of work; the record felt like it was created by itself as every little idea fell perfectly into place at first attempt.

The main goal of 'The End of an Era' is dragging the listeners into experiencing the song and allowing them to wear the lyrics and the atmosphere of every single track on their own skin.

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