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Multinational symphonic power metal band Asterise released a second single and music video

Multinational symphonic power metal band Asterise is set to release their debut album "Two Worlds" on December 2nd 2022 via Finnish record label Inverse Records. The second single 'High Above the Horizon' is released today and music video can be seen here:

This single features Tristan Harders (Terra Atlantica), Arnaud Menard (Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom) & Katharina Stahl.

The mastermind behind the band Bartlomiej Mezynski comments: "High Above the Horizon" is the opening track for "Two Worlds" album. Apart from Tristan Harders and Arnaud Menard, this time, you will also hear beautiful female vocals performed by Katharina Stahl. The song contains fast guitar parts but also emotional piano and symphonic stuff in the middle that will be stuck in your mind for long time. The story starts right here."

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