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MEPHISTO: Launch Single & Video to "Pentafixion"

Today, Cuban black metal pioneers MEPHISTOunleash their single and video for "Pentafixion", track taken from the self-titled album "Pentafixion" due for release via Wormholedeath.

"Pentafixion" Single is available on all digital stores HERE

Stream the single HERE

Mp3 available HERE

Statements from band members Lead Vocalist & Band Director – Osney Cardoso “It has been a very long journey to arrive at this place where we are ready to release our first single ‘Pentafixion’ off the highly anticipated album with the same name. The song is backed up by a masterful piece of cinematic filming; all carried out in Havana under the direction of respected film maker Victor Vinuesa and producer Oscar Maceo de la Torre. The band is really happy with the outcome of the recording and the final music video is causing quite a stir amongst some circles in our home country. It’s a very confronting song and music video which is probably why it has been censored in some places. The video does present some pretty harsh images to do with suicide but we did this because the song and music video has an underlining message to the youth of today which we felt was important to share to our legion of metal fans everywhere. Pentafixion is the first single off the album with plans by our label WormHole Death records to follow this up with the release of ‘The Mighty Ring’ in February 2021 and ‘The Birth’ at the start of March 2021 before the full length album is released late March 2021. Bassist & Composer - Alex Jorge AKA “Mole” When I developed the theme for this album, I wanted to do something more than just write a bunch of tracks and lay them down on one big album. For me it was important to show the progress Mephisto has made over the past few years and to deliver the fans an album that was worthy of being called a Mephisto album. The album is a concept album with all the tracks intertwined and joining each other to stitch the whole album together. There are sections within the album that have been combined to create acts and parts (like you would have in a stage play) with additional tracks being laced between them to ensure the music flows seamlessly. It was a very big undertaking especially here in Cuba, given the lack of resources we have to make music that matches up to a professional industry standard. I am very happy to say that Mephisto’s new album Pentafixion does exactly that! It showcases the journey that Mephisto has been traveling for the past few years as we worked together to develop a new album for the fans. Clearly we have done something right as this album will be released through our new record label WormHoleDeath Records to whom we have recently signed a 4 year deal with. Drummer & Orchestral Composer – David L Neives I am really happy to have been involved in the creation of the orchestral parts for the Pentafixion album. As the newest member of the band, it’s sometimes expected by others that you just sit back, play what you are told to play and have minimal to zero input on the music being recorded. I am glad to say that this is not how we do things in Mephisto, with everyone being given the opportunity to bring their talents and skills to the band in order to make the best songs and album we can make for ourselves and for our passionate fans. Having the opportunity to test out some of these songs in a live environment also gave us the ability to hone them up and tweak them prior to laying down the final tracks in the studio. I really think this helped us to deliver the very best of Mephisto and its essence in this latest album Pentafixion. I can’t wait for it to be released so it is available to the supporters who keep us inspired to create and record. Get ready for the “PENTAFIXION” MEPHISTO ONLINE WORMHOLEDEATH ©2020 Carlo Bellotti Publishing

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