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Melodic Death Metal Outfit BRYMIR Releases New Lyric Video for “Forged in War”

After the long awaited release of their staggering fourth studio album, Voices In The Sky, Finnish melodic death metal outfit BRYMIR have revealed a brand new lyric video for their epic, hard-hitting track “Forged in War”. With thousands of views on their videos and more than hundred thousand streams on their latest tracks, the band has established their befitting position on top. Culminating with their European tour with Finntroll and SKALMÖLD kicking off in Stockholm on November 3, the band stirs up the scene on records and stages alike.

BRYMIR vocalist Viktor Gullichsen adds:

“Ever since forming the band in 2006, we’ve endlessly talked and dreamed about getting a chance to tour Europe. Also, we’ve been big fans of Finntroll since forever and you can just imagine the excitement and gratitude we feel for this opportunity to join them and SKALMÖLD on this wild crusade across the European continent. We could not have hoped for a better tour at a better time to promote our new album Voices In The Sky and finally show what we’ve got to both old fans and completely new audiences. We hope many of you will come to witness the fitness of our melodic death metal heaviness - as it is live that we thrive! See you all soon.”

The lyric video for “Forged in War” continues the driving sound of the album with incredible vocals and astounding riffs that can only be surpassed by their electrifying live performances. Striking once again with full force, this hymnic piece leaves no stone unturned and matches the heavy and electrifying tone of the album perfectly.

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