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Master Dy release a new lyric video for "Know My Redemption"

Master Dy worked tirelessly to bring this album to life, Legacy Of Satan was built on top of a lot of pain, changes and difficulties faced by the band that did not give up even with all the adversities that accompanied the year 2022.

The album has nine interesting songs, but the most recommended ones are; Legacy Of Satan, Call Me Master, Swords Against God III and I Know My Redemption, the latter of which has even been pointed out as a sung autobiography of the project's creator and vocalist; Dy Moob. Legacy Of Satan will be released in 4 formats on different occasions, on December 18th digital platforms and CD digipack, on January 30th fans will be able to purchase the cassette version and at the end of March on the 30th, the distribution of the album enters the market. on vinyl and all versions can be purchased through Bandcamp.

If you still don't know much about the band, this is an interesting work to start with, even if it exudes sadness and suffering with a will to win, it is a work that is worth knowing.

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27. Dez. 2022

After the good heavy intro I expected an energic heavy voice; so bit dissapointed in the Magnapop-voice/singing...

Gefällt mir
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