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Legendary Finnish hard rock band STUD has released a new single from their upcoming fourth album

Melodic hard'n heavy rock band STUD, founded originally in 1980's, has released a new single 'Tired'

"Tired presents the most melodic side of the upcoming album. And we pretty much wrapped the idea that STUD stands for today on this track! Honest, traditional hard rock!" guitar player Mika Kansikas backgrounds.

STUD has released three full length albums and they are currently working on the fourth one. Band founded already on 1986 lifted to a cult reputation as they presented their debut single ’Mä haluun elää / Viimeinen yö’ on Finnish national TV prime time show *Levyraati". They also were really active live band until they stepped aside by the end of the decade.

STUD original line-up got back together on 2011 and they changed their language from Finnish to English. After this they have released three full length albums ’Out of the darkness’ (2013), ’Rust on the rose’ (2014) and ’Circle of lies’ (2017).


Ari Toivanen, vocals Mika Kansikas, guitar Stenda Kukkonen, drums Jari Behm, bass

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