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Japanese Prog Rock band EVRAAK Presents "Sacrifice"

“Evraak will be one of the important bands in Japanese prog-rock.”

Evraak is a progressive rock band from Japan, formed in 2018 by Koji Kawashima, Hayawo Kanno, Marina Seo, Takeshi Yoshida, Miki Hasegawa, and Tengoku Imagawa and the lineup has remained intact since the beginning. Their sound is dark, dynamic, and dramatic, and that sound appeals to traditional prog-rock, metal, goth, and post-rock fans. They have been active for less than five years because each member played their music before formation. Koji Kawashima(Bass) and Hayawo Kanno(Guitar) likes traditional Prog-Rock. Yes, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, PFM, Arti e Mestieri, etc. Takeshi Yoshida(Drums) was influenced by Bill Bluford's drumming, His play style is tight and emotional. Marina Seo(Vocal) has an aggressive voice performer and she has been in many different bands. Miki Hasegawa(Keyboards) played Piano from an early age and she has worked on a variety of theater music. Tengoku Imagawa(Sax) is a real Jazz player and he almost doesn’t listen to prog-rock, so that makes chemistry in the band. Evraak respects rock giants but they don’t stay that place, Always be progressive.

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