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ISIULUSIONS to release "I - Follow The Flow“

The debut album from Austria's Isiulusions is set to be released on September 11th via Black Sunset / MDD! Featuring ex and current members of bands such as Hellsaw, Groteskh, Nocturne and Irdorath will be entitled "I - Follow The Flow". Musically, Isiulusions took the chance to realize some ideas collected over the years, which led to this album. Stylistically there is a wide spectrum which may have its origin in Black Metal but also gives space to classic Heavy Metal parts and atmospheric sounds. This is also reflected in the vocals, which cover an equally diverse range. Produced in the "Sound Delusion Studio" in Carinthia under the direction of Christoph Klier, "I - Follow The Flow" will contain 13 tracks with a playing time of over 60 minutes.

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