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In a Forest Dark - Buried Giant - new album

At the core of In a Forest Dark lies the conceptual masterpiece "Buried Giant." This album weaves an intricate tapestry of doom and black metal elements, seamlessly entwined with haunting gothic influences, birthing a fusion that embraces both the sublime darkness and melancholic beauty. Inspired by Kazuo Ishiguro's evocative novel "The Buried Giant," the music delves deep into the realms of mystery and enchantment. Each composition, a mosaic of soulful melodies, atmospheric layers, and emotive lyrics, creates an all-encompassing sonic journey.

Mário Pereira's artistic vision transcends mere musical composition. With "In a Forest Dark," he introduces listeners to an immersive sonic voyage into the depths of doom, black, and gothic metal. Channeling the essence of "The Buried Giant," the debut album is a testament to his unique ability to translate literature into captivating soundscapes. From conception to production, Pereira commands every facet of this auditory masterpiece, inviting audiences to traverse the veiled dimensions of the human experience.

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