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Horror Dance Squad releases new single and announces album release date

Horror Dance Squad heats up your summer nights with their newest single, Callous Cage, the fourth release of 2020 from their upcoming album, No Flag Will Fly Forever. "This is the fourth single this year we releasing. And this will be our first full lenght album coming out in September. Very big milestone for us and would definitely want to make maximum out of that"

Fresh on the heels of their heaviest track to date, Cancer, the new song Callous Cage truly encapsulates their versatility in adventuring through the many different nooks and crannies of their genre.

Not only is this a Horror Dance Squad song without screaming, but the lyrics of Callous Cage also explore a theme not common in the band’s repertoire. “I don’t often write what I consider to be “love songs”,” admits vocalist Ian Karell, “but there were events in my life that inspired me to write about something more personal. Specifically, this song is about learning how to put your ego aside to allow yourself to grow and connect more deeply with the one you love. The “cage” is what we put ourselves in when we are too prideful to step back, put down our defences and try to truly understand our own needs and the needs of our partner. The cage is what holds us back from finding or developing real love.”

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