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Hellcrash 24/10/2023

After almost a decade of lurking in the underground, in 2021 the band releases their first full lenght album KRVCIFIX INVERTÖR via Dying Victims Productions, which finally grants Hellcrash international recognition, with many european festival appearences in 2022, like ERESIA METALFEST in Italy, THRASH NIGHTMARE in Czech Republic, NECROMANIA in Portugal, OLD GRAVE in Romania. The band also played several shows all over Italy, sharing the stage with major speed/thrash metal acts such as Baphomet's Blood, Slaughter Messiah, Power From Hell, Violentor,Barbarian, Bunker 66. The album was also published in Japan through Carnal Beast Records and in Mexico through Horns of Armageddon Records. On March 2023 the band released their second full lenght album DEMONIC ASSASSINATIÖN, once again under Dying Victims Productions. On April the album reached position N° 40 for the best selling LP in Denmark.

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