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GODSNAKE Announces New Album, "Eye For An Eye"

Hamburg's metal maniacs, GODSNAKE, will release their second album Eye For An Eye on May 12, 2023 via Massacre Records. Today, the band has shared a music video for their first single "The Sickening"!

Contemporary heavy metal with significant references to some of the big old masters: straight, hard, riff-orientated, but never missing catchiness and hook lines. The reptile has been up to mischief in the heavy music scene since 2015 and has successfully established itself in the metallic jungle. Torger (vocals), Stevo (guitar), The Walt (bass) and Sidney (drums), who were already involved in the album Poison Thorn, were reinforced in 2022 by guitar wizard Pepe (Ancient Curse, Sons Of Seasons).

With their sophomore album, the 5 musicians want to prove and renew the very positive feedback of the debut and thus maintain their place in the ranking. 10 new songs in 47 minutes - straight in your face! Versatile, heavy, catchy, and very powerful, that's what GODSNAKE stands for.

But give ear, a first single and the album opener, "The Sickening", has just been unleashed! Watch the new GODSNAKE video clip now streaming here:

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