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German Thrash Metal Band PARADOX working on new album, introduce new line-up

The legendary German Thrash Metal Band PARADOX are working on a new studio album and are already far in the recording process.

The album will be the 8th studio album by the band and the 6th album for AFM RECORDS in the band’s 20 year collaboration with the label.

A release date for the new album, which will be a concept album and a lyrical continuation of the band’s classic album HERESY (1989), will be announced separately.

Original lyricist PETER VOGT (“Product Of Imagination”/”Heresy”) returns after over 30 years and is responsible for the story and the album concept.

Also returning to the band after 3 decades is original founding member AXEL BLAHA (drums). The line up is completed by returning members CHRISTIAN MUENZNER (guitars) and OLLY KELLER (bass).

Paradox was originally formed in Würzburg, Germany in 1986 by CHARLY STEINHAUER and AXEL BLAHA. The band released their debut album “Product Of Imagination” in 1987, followed by their internationally acclaimed album “Heresy” in 1989, which brought a world wide fan base to Paradox. Having disbanded in 1991 and being reformed in 1998, the band has released 5 albums through AFM records since then, this includes the albums “Collision Course” (2000), “Electrify” (2008), “Riot Squad” (2009), “Tales Of The Weird” (2012) and “Pangea” (2016).

Paradox Line-up:

Charly Steinhauer (vocals, guitars)

Christian Muenzner (guitars)

Olly Keller (bass guitar)

Axel Blaha (drums)

For more information visit the band's Facebook page:

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