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Finnish Stoner Metal band Zombie Rodeo return with new single 'Mind Infestation'

Finnish stoner metal band Zombie Rodeo is back after six years. The band released a new single Mind Infestation which is taken from the upcoming EP The Eyes Are Set upon You. EP is released on April 29th 2022 via Inverse Records.

The band comments:

"The song is a twisted tale, when one's mind is consumed with thoughts, that should not normally be there.

This time the vocals took a much harsher turn and also the music has a lot more pronounced mid 90's metal vibe, on top of the fuzzy delivery of earlier releases. The lyrics also reflect the music better this time.

After a lenghty search, no suitable replacement for Thomas Vee on vocals was found, so Miika decided to also take on the vocal duties on top of delivering commanding riffage. Otherwise the line-up remains unchanged this time."

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