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Finnish rock metal band band Frail's new song “Save A Life Tonight”

Finnish modern rock metal band Frail's latest single release "Save A Life Tonight" is a true story that deals with the fear of losing your own child. The lyrics describe the symphony of fear, unfairness and helplessness that rang out in one’s head at the exact moment when the doctors took a heavily sedated and babbling child to open heart surgery. Even if there are no direct musical comparisons for the song, SALT will probably find its way into the playlists of those who like the music of Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown.

"Save A Life Tonight" is really personal and important song to me. It opens up my feelings and thoughts in a moment when doctors were taking my own child to a heart surgery. When the operating room's door closes I am left alone with my desperate feelings of unfairness and fear. I remember I shouted to the heavens 'punish me and not that child!'" the songwriter Tarmo Kellomäki tells.

Besides the story itself another notable point about this song is that Tarmo's other son Roope Kellomäki plays electric guitar on this recording. "Without going into details this song isn't about Roope. But I wanted that he would be playing the guitars as this whole thing has touched my whole family. And as a father it was really breathtaking to record a story like this with own child playing the guitar tracks. Really important moment that I shall remember forever." Kellomäki continues.

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