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Finnish Melodic Death Metal Force BRYMIR Unveils Performance Music Video for "Seeds Of Downfall"

Melodic death metal outfit BRYMIR have released a new performance music video set to their bludgeoning track, "Seeds Of Downfall", cut from the band’s stunning fourth full-length, Voices In The Sky, released via Napalm Records one year ago in August 2022! With more than a million Spotify streams on their biggest hits, over 100k YouTube views on their most popular music videos and a European tour with Finntroll and SKALMÖLD under their belts, BRYMIR are at the top of the Finnish melodic death metal scene. Together with their peers in WOLFHEART and BEFORE THE DAWN, the five-piece is playing at legendary Tavastia Club in their hometown of Helsinki this autumn, before joining Battle Beast on tour, kicking off November 22 in Haarlem, NL.

“Seeds Of Downfall” is the most aggressive and gloomy track on Voices In The Sky, and it doesn’t lack anything in majestic arrangements - merging with heroic choirs, it represents the technical brilliance of the unit at its best. Check out the captivating official performance video below!

Viktor Gullichsen on "Seeds Of Downfall":

“In honor of the first anniversary of our latest album, we present you with a music video for the song ‘Seeds of Downfall’. It’s a live video shot at the release show of Voices in the Sky at Tavastia, Helsinki. (when I still had some hair left on my head). Tavastia is one of our all-time favorite venues and watching this brings back many sweet memories from that exciting time we when finally got to show our new stuff to the world. Let’s wish our album a happy birthday and blast the heck out of our new video!”

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